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I wanted to say THANK YOU to you and your staff for getting me back into running condition over the past several months. The Chicago Marathon was fantastic. The weather was perfect and I was able to run strong the entire way, setting a new PR of 3:56:11 (my goal was break four hours). My hip and knees felt fine - during and after the race - and I'm grateful for everything you did to make my experience such a good one. You're awesome.

David A. North Bend, WA

For years I have been treated by numerous medical practitioners for the treatment of neck back and shoulder pain.  The treatments I received from Dan are the first to bring any lasting relief from these conditions.

Scott D. Issaquah, WA

Russell has done a great job of keeping my athletes healthy both during the season and in the offseason. He is an valuable part of our team.

J.B. High School Girls Basketball Coach Renton,WA

I can’t thank the staff at Peak enough for helping me get through the multiple surgeries I have had this past year. They have been fantastic.

S.C. Renton, WA

The therapists here have helped my daughter get back to full triathlon shape and she has won her last race because of them. We will definitely be back for any other issues my family has.

B.G. Newcastle, WA

Dan has been involved with our baseball program for the last 17 years. He has helped us tremendously with injury prevention and recovery.  The biggest benefit to our program is Dan's knowledge of baseball. He really understands how the injury effects the swing or throwing mechanics. He designs exercises that help strengthen our players that are baseball related. Bottom line is, Dan gets our players back on the field and out of the training room.


As an orthopaedic surgeon, it is rare to find a therapist who understands the direct and indirect causes of the common musculoskeletal problems that athletes experience. Dan Swinscoe is that kind of therapist. His understanding of the pathomechanics that lead to problems for the overhead athlete makes him particularly qualified.


I did not really understand what pelvic prolapse was when I was referred to Sarah for help avoiding surgery and getting things down there back to normal.  I did not know that I would be so limited in physical activity for awhile or imagine that I would be back to running so quickly when I first started.  She did a great job educating me on the issue and how to make it better (and worse), starting me slow to strengthen important muscles before challenging them, and encouraging me along the way.  I was so happy with my progress!  In 6-8 months I went from doing easy exercises on my back to challenging strength training for my upper and lower body and now am starting back into my running routine.  My body feels strong and my prolapse issues have been resolved so long as I keep on top of my exercise routine.  I highly recommend Sarah for help managing and healing pelvic prolapse, as well as pelvic instability which also improved greatly through her exercise routines and treatments.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!  She will get you back to your desired fitness level if you are diligent about following her plan.

Lisa Bellevue

The peak Sports and Spine team has helped me to overcome two major injuries in a row. First, a neck condition that was making my life very difficult due to the pain, headaches, and dizziness caused by it. And second, they gave me my knee back after a torn ACL and 2 knee surgeries. Polly, my therapist, never gave up on me despite the pessimistic perspective of my doctors. She asked me to have faith and I trusted her. Now, I've recovered 95% of my range of motion, and I'm training for my first 5k.


Dedication, professionalism, always encouraging, smooth transitioning between therapists, pre and post follow-up - All in all: Excellent !!!!!!   I truly appreciate what each of you do to take care of us that are in pain. Compassion with drive to get better! You brought me back from a very difficult stage. You gave me the tools to not only manage my pain, but led me to, and beyond, my capabilities. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Karen Bellevue

Mariyam, Greg, Heather, Matt, and all the rest of the staff were super informative, supportive, and I wouldn't have recovered without their support, expertise, and encouragement.

Terri Bellevue





Allison was amazing, friendly, and so helpful! Very thorough and clear on instructions and explanations on why my problems were occuring, and how what we were doing would (and did) help me.  Thank you!

Anonymous female Bellevue

Thank You, thank you so very much. You worked with me on my knee rehab after my replacement, and the time, energy, effort and caring support was amazing.

Brian Y Snoqualmie

I'm now crushing the ski slopes like I haven't done since I was in my 30's. And come late Spring, I'll be doing the same on my mountain bike. It's truly amazing. John, you have an incredible staff of dedicated professionals.

Brian Snoqualmie

Special thanks to: Jill: your no BS, work your butt-off, tough love approach was ideal. I respect that! Katie: your sweet manner and patient smile belies the fact that you really know how to bend a knee o the limit of maximum pain, yet you're so nice about it, I just had to smile through the pain. 

Brian Y Snoqualmie

Phyllis: You are so awesome, I spent the most time with you. My favorite memory is of you sitting (falling) to the floor in the shear effort (red faced and sweating) of making my knee get that extra 1-2 degrees. Amazing dedication! You're the best.

Brian Y Snoqualmie

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