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Dr. Melanie Asplund

Physical Therapist, PT, DPT


Melanie enjoys working with patients from all ages and of all walks of life.  She has experience with veterans, pro golfers, high school athletes, weekend warriors, and everyone in between. Ultimately, she loves to help people find solutions to their complex problems; enabling them to return to doing what they love the most: whether you want to chase grandchildren, cycle the STP, climb obstacle courses, compete in a triathlon, or spend time in the garden.

Melanie grew up in Hawaii, but fell in love with the Cascades and Puget Sound.  She commissioned into the Navy after graduating from UW Seattle and was deployed to SE Asia, Central America, and the Middle East.  She transitioned to the Reserves and became a Doctor of Physical Therapy through the George Washington University. She is now settled  in Washington with her family.  

Melanie, a former competitive bodybuilder, enjoys hiking in the Cascades, bicycling for miles, lifting weights, swinging kettlebells, and finding new foods.

Education & Accomplishments

University of Washington under graduate

Doctor of Physical Therapy from George  Washington University

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