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Costochondritis is the term for when it is inflamed and painful where the ribs attach to the sternum.  It can be at any of the rib attachments.  Treatment for this will likely involve assessment and correction of the movements that those ribs are involved with.  It might be spinal movement, shoulder movement or even your breathing pattern.                                            

Rib Fracture/Dislocation

Fractured ribs are very painful and usually require 6 to 8 weeks to heal.  People with rib fractures try to hold very still.  Because of this when the bone has healed there are often areas of restriction and stiffness about the ribcage or middle back that need help moving properly again.  Mobilizing or loosening soft tissue and joint restrictions can speed up the process of feeling normal again.

Sports Hernia

A sports hernia is not a true hernia.  It is a common name for a strain or tear in the tissue where the abdominal wall connects to the pubic bone or where the groin muscles attach to the pubic bone. Thus its actual name is “Athletic Pubalgia”   Or pubic area pain in an athlete.  These almost never occur outside of athletics.  They occur with powerful twisting and change of direction.  Hockey is the most common example of ways to get this but they are known also in soccer, football and basketball.  Treatment involves treating the injured tissue directly and also with correcting the movement patterns, areas of tightness and weakness that may have caused this or may prevent it from healing fully.

Pelvic Pain

Although pelvic pain often refers to pain in the region of women's internal reproductive organs, pelvic pain can be present in men, too, and can stem from multiple causes.  Our therapists who treat this are trained to find the reason for your symptoms.  If you need a medical doctor you will be referred to one.  However, many times pain, even significant pain, can be caused by malfunctioning of muscles in the region and be treated very effectively by one of our therapists who have this specialty training.

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