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Please use this page as resources for what you can do to help yourself and family during this time, as well as what we are trying to do to continue to help our communities by following our resources here:

Our Coronavirus Resource Blog

We have started our Telehealth Services. Take a look at our letter to patients explaining the opportunity, how to use, and what to expect:

Telehealth Welcome Letter

Optimizing Telehealth Experience

If you are going to be using our Telehealth services, please fill out these forms and submit them:

Telehealth Consent Form

Medicare Telehealth ABN Form

Telehealth and Insurances:

We will make every attempt to bill your insurance. We have been working diligently to get in touch with all the insurances we are in network in to verify if they do or do not accept bills for Telehealth visits, which is currently the case for Medicare.
In that instance, our cash rate is significantly reduced to $50 for a follow up visit, and $100 for an evaluation. We are committed to helping our patients maintain access to us during this pandemic, regardless of ability to pay. We will work with any individual who cannot afford even the discounted rate.  
Our profession is working hard on getting insurers to cover telehealth, but every insurance is different and sets their own policies, and we will continuously check with the insurance companies to see if they have changed their status on coverage
If you have a copayment for your in clinic PT visits, you will have the same copayment for Telehealth PT visit. We will process your payment over the phone at the clinic, or you can use our online payment systems:

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