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We are looking for a great PT to join our team!  We offer a fun and outgoing environment where individual treatment styles are appreciated, learning and growth are emphasized, and patient empowerment is key. We believe in being an individual's partner for life in their health and well being.

Like all of our clinics, we are grounded in orthopedics and sports. We also offer niches in running assessments, sport specific training and return to activity. We offer a loaded benefits package and healthy bonuses. If you think you are a good fit for us, please send us your information!
Sammamish Plateau
We are looking for an aide to join our staff.  Ideal candidates are friendly and compassionate people who are easily trained.  A background in fitness/health is a plus.  A previous degree is a plus.  If your passion is to learn more about movement and exercise and to help others feel better, this a great job for you.  Hours currently needed are Mon-Friday 2-7pm but this may change as sometimes we need to adjust work schedules to accomodate school.  Email for questions or to send a resume. 

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