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Oct 11

Karla Cararas

Shoulder pain getting you down?

Posted by Karla Cararas

Fairly often I have a patient mention shoulder pain that has been bothering them for some time. I am seeing them for another injury or area of the body. Most of the time they are just “living with it” “Didn’t think there was anything that could be done” and the most common “ I thought it would just go away”.

When we are 20 a lot of aches and pains “go away” quickly but as we get older they do not.

The most common cause of shoulder pain in middle age adults is shoulder impingement that is very treatable with Physical Therapy. Not only does it resolve your pain and restore your ability to return to normal activity without pain, Physical Therapy can stop the long term effect of chronic impingement which is slowly weakening  and micro trauma to the tendon that can cause you to eventually end up with a Rotator cuff tear.

So if you have had shoulder pain for several weeks that is not going away, come see us at Peak Sports and Spine Physical Therapy. We can help!

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