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Sep 17

Peak Sports

Another Good Reason To Drink Green Tea

Posted by Peak Sports

Another Good Reason To Drink Green Tea

Jessica Swinscoe, PT, DPT

green-tea.jpgIf you’re like us, living on the west coast with this apocalyptic smoke - keep reading.

As we know our air quality is deemed unhealthy and hazardous and we are encouraged to stay indoors, shut windows and have our air on ‘recirculate’ but we should also be drinking green tea.

Green tea is not only an amazing antioxidant but it also reduces inflammation in the lungs and protects the lungs from irritation, like smoke inhalation.

Research on the benefits of green tea also includes decreased risk of lung cancer, improved lung function, enhances cognitive function, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, assists the immune system and decreases risk of type 2 diabetes.

** Don’t forget - add lemon to your green tea as it amplifies the antioxidants in green tea and makes them more bioavailable aka easier for your body to absorb

** Also add honey - honey helps decrease inflammation in the esophagus. So if this smoke is causing you to have a sore throat, add some honey to your tea

** But….if you have an autoimmune disorder, talk to your MD first. It might affect your particular immune system in an adverse way. It’s worth the call.

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