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Oct 22

Peak Sports

Home Exercise App Options

Posted by Peak Sports

Home Exercise App/Program Options

Allison Fetchero, PT, DPT

Peak Sports & Spine PT Bellevue

Gym closed?  Shortage of exercise equipment?  No childcare?  Yucky weather?  Or just plain out of your routine? There are more barriers to exercise than ever before.  Let’s be honest, we’re mostly wearing stretchy pants because Zoom doesn’t know what’s going on below the screen.  If you’re looking for an excuse not to exercise, there are plenty.

But now we’re 6+ months into this pandemic and it’s time to figure out our “new normal” exercise routine.  If you’re like me, you previously belonged to a gym and enjoyed tons of equipment, classes, and most importantly:  childcare.  Now most of us are juggling work and kids at home while somehow trying to find the motivation to exercise at home.  It’s hard.  I get it.  

I was floundering in my exercise until my cousin invited me to join her Beachbody challenge.  While the PT in me cringles a little at Beachbody’s emphasis on aesthetics rather than function, they have a ton of really solid exercise programs including total body fitness/high intensity interval training, relaxation/meditation, yoga, and lifting.  My crazy cousins and I recently finished an 8-week lifting program.  I’ve never lifted so much in my life, and I’ve never been so strong!  The downside is that there is a monetary cost involved to this program.  

But then there’s Heart and Soul Fitness.  The trainers are a husband and wife duo.  They are very encouraging, FREE, and have programs for every level.  And they focus on form and function which I love.

Next up: The Nike Training App.  My cousins and I are currently indulging in Nike.  This is also a free app and offers a variety of exercise options from high intensity intervals to yoga.  Some of these are TOUGH.  This is a good app for those tech-savvy people who like to track their exercise, achievements, etc.  There is a trainer named Brian Nunez who has some AWESOME routines that include the kids for whole family fitness fun!

Speaking of kids: have you heard of Cosmic Yoga?  You can look it up on YouTube.  There are some really fun videos ranging from 20 to 60 min with themed yoga for kids.  Examples: Frozen, Halloween, camping adventure, etc.  It’s good cheesy fun with some special effects that my kids love!  Great for a rainy afternoon to get the wiggles out!

A few other free options are 7M Women (which you can absolutely do if you are not a woman despite the name) and the New York Times Fitness App. 

Don’t forget your good old- fashioned step count!  You can use a FitBit or Apple watch to count your daily steps.  FitBit has an option to sync with friends to compete.  My husband who is working from home is currently taking part in a 3-week team step challenge for work using his FitBit and the Stridekick app.

There are many options out there that are free and don’t require any equipment.  But they do require commitment.  If you don’t know where to start, just choose any one and commit to 2 weeks to see if you like it.  If not, choose another one.

Don’t do it alone!  We are so isolated these days and this is a great way to connect and motivate each other!  My cousins from Alaska to Colorado text every day to complain, encourage, groan, and lift each other up.  Accountability is so important, especially in a new exercise routine.  

Get the family involved too.  It’s so good for our kids to see us prioritizing exercise and hear us using positive words about exercise and our strong and able bodies.  My kids love to join in with me.  My 2 year old can do a great downward dog! She thinks it’s hilarious to climb on my back while I plank.  Whatever it takes!

My encouragement to you is to get out there and try something new!  Invite some friends, coworkers, or a group of crazy cousins to join you and keep you motivated.  Start TODAY!

If you are having pain that is preventing you from moving comfortably, we are open to see you. Peak Sports and Spine is adhering to all CDC and state guidelines for safely welcoming patients into our office. Health screens, temperature checks for staff and patients, no wait times, extended visit times, and extensive cleaning protocols are all a standard part of our routine. We also offer telehealth visits for those who do not feel ready to come into the office, or are not able to for any reason.  Call for an appointment at 425-450-9801.

Get moving!

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