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Jun 17

Peak Sports

Physical activity has a well known and impressive list of benefits. read more

May 11

Peak Sports

COVID has certainly made the importance of health very clear and we have all seen how quickly things can change with an illness. read more

Mar 02

Peak Sports

Back pain is a huge problem in developed nations worldwide. It has or will affect most of us. The current estimate is that 80% of people will experience back pain at least once. read more

Dec 07

Peak Sports

From digging out boxes of holiday decor and hauling packages to and from the home, to hiding gifts away on higher shelves at the back of your closet, the Holiday Season requires its fair share of bending, lifting and reaching. read more

Nov 19

Peak Sports

It is widely known that cardiovascular training (i.e. aerobic exercise) is healthy for our heart function and overall fitness. read more

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How To Keep Ultimate Frisbee Player...

Studies show that lifetime prevalence of any injury in adult ultimate frisbee is 100%, including 26%...

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Sports Equipment Drive...

We are pleased to be involved with the Boys and Girls Club to collect and donate new or used sports...

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