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Sep 28

Peak Sports

It is great seeing our athletes in the news! read more

Mar 31

Peak Sports

Spring is finally here! Baseball training has started, some flowers are blooming and the days are getting longer. See the articles below to keep you injury free this Spring. read more

Feb 03

Peak Sports

If you have been inactive for a while and you are trying to get back in to the gym, get back to better shape, or just start a new exercise routine, check out some good guidelines for working out and exercising. read more

Dec 31

Peak Sports

If you're a seasoned veteran or if you're new to the triathlons, now is the time to start focusing your efforts on preventing injuries throughout the season. There are a lot of issues that can come from training for a triathlon, whether it's a sprint race or a full Ironman. The common problems that typically stop a triathlete from training are overuse or tendinitis issues. In the majority of cases, these issues could have been prevented had the person performed a couple minimal exercises to prevent overuse for their specific event. read more

Nov 24

Peak Sports

Whether domestic or International, we have some handy tips to keep you in good physical shape and to help make all aspects of your travel experience more comfortable. read more

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