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Mar 21

Peak Sports

What we are doing about the virus at our clinics read more

Mar 06

Peak Sports

We want to inform you that we are taking the recommended steps to help reduce the spread of coronavirus, or COVID19, and keep our patients safe when in our clinic. read more

Jan 02

Peak Sports

Get fit and ready for any winter sport into 2020! Build overall strength, balance, flexibility, agility / mobility for: Injury prevention | Muscle coordination | Increase range of motion Improve posture | Greater fitness | Sport performance read more

Nov 06

Dan Swinscoe

Golf is a great game. A game that can be played for a lifetime. Golfers are always looking for that secret to getting better. Turns out the secret might just be in your mirror. read more

Oct 25

Peak Sports

Join us on Monday November, 11th from 2pm-7pm for an exciting celebration of our Klahnie clinic 10 year anniversary! read more

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