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Dec 18

Andrea Grunberger

Would you believe it actually is possible to achieve your goals - whether it is weight loss, improved energy, feeling more like yourself, cutting down on aches and pains - or just plain getting healthier…. WITHOUT having to stick to a plan? read more

Nov 21

Karla Cararas

Being considered a Physical Therapy shoulder specialist I get asked this question a lot. While this is ultimately a personal decision between you and your surgeon, I as a PT can help you make this decision as well. read more

Nov 21

Dan Swinscoe

Strengthening your Longus Colli helps to take pressure off you neck and relieve pain and head aches! read more

Nov 03

Dan Swinscoe

Different ways to help improve your balance read more

Oct 26

Joel Spring

One of the questions I get asked by patients, friends, family, and even random people that find out I'm a Physical Therapist is if they should use ice or heat on a specific body part. read more

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Renton Chamber of Commerce Golf Tou...

It was a fun day sponsoring the range and playing in the Annual Renton Chamber of Commerce Golf...

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Join Shoes N Feet and the Peak Fami...

Peak Sports and Spine is proud to co-sponsor the inaugural Paddy Coyne's GLOW 5K & Kids 1K Run.

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