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Jul 19

Peak Sports

Simple and Quick Exercises

Posted by Peak Sports

I feel you should do strength training 2-3 x week including chest, back, shoulders, legs and abdominals. If you do not like to lift weights do at least 1 x week all areas to maintain you muscle mass or strength. Aerobic activity ideally 30 minutes 5 x week or 2-3 x of 45- 60 minutes. General guidelines for aerobic activity are 2.5 to 3 hours per week. I also feel, especially as you age, that your routine should start with general stretches (our athletes start with dynamic warm up). If you exercise hard you should also cool down with some light activity or stretches.

See below for some basic ideas.

Chest: Pushups. You can do regular or kneeling depending on your strength

Back: Rows and Latissimus Dorsi 

Shoulders: Deltoid raises in all directions: forward, lateral and posterior

You want extra: Biceps curl and Triceps extension

Legs: Squats, Single Leg Ssquats, Step Back Lunges and Forward Walking Lunges

Abdominals: Lower Abdominals: Bicycle, “crunchy frog” ( easy V up ), Scissors, and Feet to Ceiling

                       Upper Abdominals: Regular Sit Ups, Diagonal Sit Ups

Aerobic activities: Elliptical, Bike, Swim, gardening or other physical activity that increases the heart rate and works up a sweat

Get moving!

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