Hiking Can Actually Change Our Brains

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Feb 14

Ali Schoos

Hiking Can Actually Change Our Brains

Posted by Ali Schoos

The first link I am providing is great article that  helps to explain the great mental side of hiking. We all know a good hike can be a fun, rewarding, enjoyable, and physically demanding accomplishment. But there is so much more that a hike can help us with!

We live in the great Pacific Northwest where there are hiking trails all around us. Some we may never even know are there unless someone else tells us about them. 

I am providing a link to 10 hikes within 30 minutes of Seattle. I personally love PooPoo point for a good elevation gain and nice Bellevue, Seattle, and Mt Rainier views. I also thoroughly enjoy Discovery Park: great views of the shipping lanes, Mt Rainier, nice beach, and old lighthouse at the beach. It's a bit of a descent, with built in steps. 
If you need help getting "hike ready" your friendly Peak PT's are here to help!

Here is the link for the hikes from Washington Trails Association:


Get moving!

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