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Nov 03

Dan Swinscoe

Different ways to help improve your balance read more

Oct 27

Russell Kowalinski

Open Basket tape for a swollen ankle read more

Oct 27

Russell Kowalinski

Spiral tape technique using McConnell tape read more

Oct 25

Russell Kowalinski

Seattle Storm Head Athletic Trainer Tom Spencer instructing the Peak therapist how to tape and ankle read more

May 03

Peak Sports

We had a blast rehabbing Marcus Hahnemann, former Seattle Sounder and International soccer player. Works hard, plays hard! And it worked! He's back to soccer with his buddies, and of course coaching at Newport High School. He's still got "moves"! read more

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How To Work the Abs of Your Neck!...

Strengthening your Longus Colli helps to take pressure off you neck and relieve pain and head aches!

Read more

Rotator Cuff Tears: To do surgery o...

Being considered a Physical Therapy shoulder specialist I get asked this question a lot. While this is...

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