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Jan 31

Joyce Kim

Do you have vertigo? Does it last for a short period and subside? Does your vertigo only happen when changing body positions? Then you may have a vestibular issue. read more

Dec 20

Peak Sports

Crossfit can be an extremely effective way to take your health into your own hands but it is important to listen to your body. read more

May 03

Russell Kowalinski

With the weather getting nicer, take a look at some extra information when transferring your normal running program from inside on a treadmill to outside on trails or the road. read more

Mar 10

Megan Robinson

Being a former collegiate volleyball athlete, who has experienced a career ending shoulder injury, could have prevented injury with the Functional Movement Screen. I have made my career out of my personal experience with my shoulder. read more

Feb 23

Brad Defenbaugh

Being able to disassociate your hips from your upper body is possibly the most important component to a good golf swing. read more

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Join us at the 2017 Seahawks Race!

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Why Balance Is Important For Your G...

Balance is a major component of golf swing, and it can easily be trained and improved.

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